Since 1974, Capacity Trucks has been an industry leader in terminal trucks, known for robust manufacturing, high level of customization, and durable products. Capacity has stood the test of time, building its reputation upon the rugged durability of its products and the integrity of its people. Durability is the enduring bedrock and foundation that supports the Capacity brand pillars.

For over 45 years, Capacity has been the trusted yard truck manufacturer for ports and railway hubs around the world with our outstanding TJ Series. Though heavy and lighter hauling needs are different, Capacity trucks are designed and built to be relentless performers.  So, no matter what you call them: yard jockeys, spotter trucks, workhorse trucks, mules, or warehouse trucks, Capacity provides an outstanding ROI and gets the job done.

The TJ Series

Known as the “Original Trailer Jockey,” the TJ Series has evolved into three reliable models of yard jockey trucks: the TJ 5000, 6500, and 9000 series. The difference between each model is the single or double rear axle, the surface conditions where it’ll work, and its gross combined weight rating (GCWR). All Capacity yard jockey models can be off-road or DOT, depending on your needs, as well as your choice of features. Choose the right TJ model for you!

TJ 5000

The TJ 5000 is a single-axle yard jockey truck with a GCWR of up to 81,000 lbs. We recommend it for warehouse and distribution. It’s also great for intermodal trucking where there are rough surface conditions like potholes and railroad crossings.

TJ 6500

The TJ 6500 features a tandem axle and has GCWR of up to 125,000-lbs. The 6500 is the perfect yard jockey for warehouse work with ideal surface conditions.

TJ 9000

The TJ 9000 is a single-axle yard jockey truck with an impressive GCWR of up to 242,000-lbs. It can work anywhere: intermodal, warehouse and distribution, or for port trucking, and it handles rough surface conditions with ease.

Zero Emissions

Capacity Truck’s durable yard trucks have moved the world’s cargo, operating in the busiest ports, rail terminals, and warehouse/distribution centers. We apply our decades of experience to continually innovate, developing new products and technologies that maximize our customers’ efficiency and uptime. This approach has led to the development of our new Zero Emissions products—Battery Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Hybrid Jockey trucks.